⭕️🚫Why Herbalife gives us the heebie jeebies⭕️🚫


Herbalife is a popular meal-replacement programme that swaps proper meals for low calorie shakes, drinks and soups. The name “Herbalife” itself might imply that this is a holistically sound and sustainable diet- but don’t let the fancy name fool you.

🍃Since the Herbalife diet replaces whole meals with low calorie alternatives- you are of course likely to lose weight. Social media sites and blogs are also crammed with ‘amazing’ testimonials from “Herbalife Nutritional Consultants”. The majority of these individuals are not trained accredited nutritionists or dietitians, and are therefore NOT qualified to give nutritional advice.

🌿In fact, worryingly, FTF found that one such ‘consultant’ wrongly advised a new mum on Mumsnet that she could safely continue the extreme low-calorie diet whilst breastfeeding. This dangerous advice highlights why you should be cautious about who you take nutritional advice from.

🍃After a quick scroll through their website, we were introduced to the ‘Nutrition Advisory Board’. Don’t let the title of “Doctor” or lots of letters behind their name fool you- It doesn’t mean these people know much about nutrition, and in fact such figures are often paid vast amounts of money to endorse these products.

🌿Cunningly, they’ve disguised their faddy products with some enticing names; Cell activator, Total Control, and Thermo Activator– All comprised of everyday nutrients and ingredients present in a normal, healthy, balanced diet. Herbalife is playing to the health conscious consumers such as ourselves. Don’t cave!

🍃Worryingly, the meal replacements contain between 200 and 250 calories- even if you are trying to lose weight; this amount of calories is too low for a main meal. Herbalife is based on old science (it’s a shame the “Nutrition Advosiry Board and “herbalife consultants” didn’t pick up on this). The right kinds of fats aren’t bad for you and extremely low calorie diets are not sustainable in the long run.

🍃One serving of the “Fibre and Health” drink provides the same amount of fibre as an apple- not so “miraculous” after all?

The message that FTF wants you to understand is this: drinking a toffee apple/cappuccino flavoured shake once a day to replace a meal with the promise of weight loss might seem tempting. The ingredients in the Herbalife products themselves aren’t dangerous, but they do NOT offer a “secret substance” leading to weight loss. Herbalife doesn’t teach you how to make healthy, achievable, or long-lasting changes to your eating patterns, and the business relies on gullible consumers being lured in by the (FALSE) offer of a quick fix. We say stick to the REAL FOOD!👍🏼

Photo credit: www.Herbalife.com

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