January 2017: Clean-eating backlash boosts fight against ‘bogus’ nutrition in the London Evening Standard

January 2017: Fight the Fads: How our students are removing fear surrounding diets and food. Read here. 

December 2016: The King’s College London Faculty of Medicine has written a piece on us! Read about what we’ve been up to since founding FTFs back in January 2016 here.

December 2016: Five Worst Celeb Diets to avoid in 2017-Collaboration with the British Dietetic Association (as seen in the DailyMail).

FTFs collaborated with the BDA predict the five worst celeb diets to avoid in 2017

December 2016: Collaboration with Jen Robinson (Graduate Medical student and blogger)


FTF has teamed up with the amazing Jen Robinson to bring you a 10-week Fight the Fads Friday Series.

Jen is a graduate medical student and blogger in her final year at UCL. She is passionate about food, public health and improving nutrition education for tomorrow’s doctors.

Week 1: Fight the Fads Friday’The Paleo Diet

Week 2: ‘Fight the Fads Friday’: White Potatoes vs Sweet Potatoes

Week 3: ‘Fight the Fads Friday’: Clean-eating

Week 4: ‘Fight the Fads Friday’: Refined and Natural sugars

Week 5: ‘Fight the Fads Friday’: The healthy way to lose weight

Week 6: ‘Fight the Fads Friday’: The truth about dietary fats

Week 7 : ‘Fight the Fads Friday’: Plant-based diets and avoiding deficiencies

Week 8: ‘Fight the Fads Friday’: Do you know the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

November 2016: Not Plant Based interview

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Not Plant Based is a platform providing food, health, fitness and motivation for troubled eaters – founded by Laura Dennison and co-authored by Eve Simmons.

We met with them recently to unite in our fight against the food fads and we look forward to working together in the future!

The wonderful ladies recently interviewed us about Food fads and myths that make us really angry (clue: there’s a lot!). Give this a read as we dispel the myths shown below, and separate fad from fact!

1) “Sugar-free” alternatives
2) “Detox” Diets
3) Carbohydrates make you fat
4) “Superfoods”
5) Sweeteners and additives are harmful
6) Protein supplements
7) Gluten is ‘bad’ for you
8) Cutting out entire food groups, i.e Dairy

November 2016: FTFs feature on KCL Radio

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September 2016 Award winners- Complete Nutrition Magazine ‘Student of the Year’ sponsored by Nutrinovo 

Fight the Fads to present at The International Congress of Dietetics, Granada, 6th September:

September 2016: Petition success:  ELLE UK removes misleading nutritional advice: Petition Success!

See our petition against ELLE magazine mentioned in The Huffington Post:

June 2016: The Tab Newspaper:

King’s College London Wellbeing Blog:

June 2016: King’s College London ‘Take Time Out’ Campaign:

Petition success with Doctor Lauretta Ihonor:

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