Government Petition: Make ‘Nutritionist’ a legally protected title


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Please continue to sign and share our petition so that we can get the 10k signatures necessary for it to be considered by MPs in parliament.

Here is the link to the petition: 

Read more about why we set the petition up here.



Response from the AfN regarding our petition & following our meeting to discuss legally protecting the nutrition profession: 

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Petition response from the British Dietetic Association (BDA):


“The BDA fully supports Fight the Fads’ efforts to use the latest evidence-based science to inform the public about nutrition, diet and health. We also support their campaign for better recognition of the difference between dietitians, credible nutritionists and the myriad “diet experts” who do not use an evidence-based approach. It is vitally important that the public know who they can trust on matters of diet and nutrition and can be confident that they are being given the best advice.”


”The Nutrition Society is in full support of the `Fight the Fads’ Petition to make Nutritionist a legally protected title. As a learned society, we are committed to advancing the scientific study of nutrition and its application and as such, defining the role and remit of a qualified nutritionist and increasing the awareness of the UK Voluntary Register for Nutritionists, is key in protecting the public from non-evidence based nutrition advice.”


January 2017: Our petition is featured in the London Evening Standard


November 2016: Petition featured on Jamie Oliver Food Revolution website (via the Metro)

November 2016: Our petition as featured in the Metro

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February 2017: Nutrition Health Digest (NHD)

Issue 121. February 2017, Page 6

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