DAY 8 – Are ‘Superfoods’ worth the extra £$€?

Are ”Superfoods worth the extra £$€?

Superfoods is simply a marketing term! Retailers use it to charge more for products such as quinoa, acai berries, etc….

We are not claiming that foods marketed as ‘super’ are not healthy, as a lot of them are very nutritious and good for you. However, foods not labelled as “super” are not any less nutritious or in some cases can be more nutritious choices.

A study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that glucosinolates, a compound found in the so-called superfood kale (100 mg/100g of kale), reduces cancer risk. Festive brussels sprouts contain over double the amount of glucosinolates (236 mg/100g of brussels sprouts) and come at a lower price!

Next up: DAY 9 Caroline discusses if you can get all the nutrients you need on a vegan diet!

Useful Links if you are interested to read more on cancer risk:


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