DAY 15 – Is going Gluten-Free a healthier choice?!

DAY 15 – Is Gluten-Free a healthier choice?!

Gluten is quite simple a protein component found in wheat, rye and barley. Unless you have received a medical diagnosis that requires you to avoid gluten in the diet i.e. Coeliac disease, there is no need to eliminate gluten from your diet.


Unnecessary elimination can actually put you at risk of certain nutritional deficiencies unless you make suitable food substitutions. This is why someone with coeliac disease will be advised by a dietitian.

Although some foods that contain gluten are less healthy i.e. cakes, biscuits and pastries, remember that it is not the gluten itself making the food less nutritious. It is the saturated fat, the sugar and so on…


The take away message: unless you have a medically diagnosed condition that requires you to follow a gluten-free diet, avoiding gluten brings no health benefits to healthy individuals.


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