The Impossible Burger- the best veggie burger you’ll ever eat?

The veggie burger appears to have undergone a makeover. No longer will nut burgers, or even halloumi burgers do. Say what?! In America, a team of top scientists, farmers and chefs have created a ‘game changer of a burger’ that mimics the precise flavours, textures and aromas found in a normal beef burger. Their aim…

Can Konjac Curb my Cravings?

This week we spotted reality TV star Stephanie Pratt (Made in Chelsea) promoting ‘Konjac Root’ tablets on her Instagram account. She’s also selling a Stephanie Pratt branded version of the pills on her website ‘ Nutrition by Steph’. She describes the Konjac Root as ‘an all-natural appetite suppressant’ and a ‘natural gastric band’. What. On….