DAY 13 – Will carbs make me fat?!

DAY 13 – Will carbs make me fat?!

3 key things to think about with carbohydrates

(1) Carbs include Starchy carbs like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, but also sugars like fruits and high fibre carbs like vegetables

(2) We absolutely need a combination of all carbs them in our diet as they are good sources of vital nutrients – eg: fibre (without which you have an increased risk of colon cancer) and b vitamins which we need for energy! Also carbs are the preferred nutrient for our brains!

(3)It’s a common misconception that eating carbohydrate will lead to weight gain! Popular fad diets like the Atkins eliminate carbs which leads to rapid weight loss – this makes it seem like it must be the carbohydrate in your diet that leads to excess weight. THIS ISNT TRUE.

The rapid weight loss in carb elimination is actually due to a loss of water rather than fat, and explains why when you reintroduce carbs you rapidly regain the weight (if you want to know more about this – comment below and we will make a more detailed video in the future)

So in summary, don’t cut out any food groups to lose weight, make sure to eat everything but in moderation!

Next up: Caroline talks about if the paleo diet is healthy or not?



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