Can you Vape your vitamins?

You may have seen the latest e-cig trend is vitamin-enhanced vapour. These electronic cigarettes are nicotine free and deliver water vapour mixed with vitamins. Dubious? You should be.

Inhalation isn’t accepted as an efficient way to absorb vitamins. It is often used for drugs (eg. for asthma) that need absorption of small particles and often target the lungs directly. Also, certain vitamins change structure when exposed to heat and we don’t know how much of the vitamins are actually absorbed.

In clinical practice, vitamins are only administered via IV or taken as tablets and both of these methods are highly efficient at delivering vitamins into the bloodstream! Why fix something that isn’t broken.

Perhaps our medic friends could provide some insight in the comments but we imagine that any amount of vitamin actually reaching the blood would be very small?

Another question is whether vaping is safe at all. The WHO says more research is needed to determine the full health effects of vaping.

In summary, the best way to up your vitamin and mineral intake is through eating a variety of nutritious foods such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds – these also have the added effect of increasing your fibre intake which is important in keeping your gut happy!
We currently take the recommended dose of Vitamin D (10ug) daily and aim to eat the rainbow every day by adding different coloured fruits and vegetables to our diet.

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