Who are we?

We are two Registered Dietitians, Elisabeth and Caroline, working in hospitals in London. Together we run Fight The Fads, a myth-busting platform which debunks nutritional nonsense in the media and sets the record straight with regular posts on Instagram and Twitter ( @fightthefads). 

Caroline Day_ElisabethCresta

What’s your mission?

To use the latest evidence-based science to inform our followers about nutrition, diets and health.

When and what do you post about?

Fight the Fads was founded in January 2016, and we post several times a week on topical nutritional myths, fads and headlines in the media. You can follow our posts on facebook, twitter, and instagram @fightthefads

Why did you set up Fight the Fads?

Although social media may lead you to believe that there are many nutritional experts and gurus, dietitians are the only qualified (and legally regulated) health care professionals that can assess, diagnose and treat dietary related medical conditions.

As student dietitians, we know the importance of using the most up-to-date scientific research on food, health and disease. Therefore, the advice that Fight the Fads gives is evidence-based. We translate this into practical dietary advice which we share with our followers.

Views are our own. Images are our own or sourced from Pixabay (unless otherwise stated).