FTF Friday: How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?!

A post in collaboration with Jen Robinson: With exam season rapidly approaching, I’m sure this is a question on many peoples minds. How much coffee is too much? Fight the Fads give us the low down… The thought of skipping the morning coffee makes many of us shudder, especially after a long night of studying…

DAY 16 -Alkaline Diet to balance your Blood pH?!

Christmas Advent Calendar Day 16 -Alkaline Diet to balance your Blood pH?! Your blood pH is controlled within a very narrow range, 7.35- 7.45! If food was to change the pH of our blood we would all be dead!    

The Truth about Detoxing

It seems like everyday there is a new ‘detox’ diet or product on the market promising to clear our body of harmful toxins. The ‘detoxing’ industry is thriving on a misconception that toxic products build up in our body and we need to regularly ‘cleanse’ our systems to get rid of them. If toxic waste…

Clearing up the confusion surrounding ‘clean – eating’

Despite wide use of the term ‘clean-eating’ on social media, there is no official agreement as to what ‘clean eating’ actually means. To learn more about clean-eating, read our previous post: The dirty truth behind ‘clean eating’ ‘Clean-eating’ is a term used by many wellness bloggers and self styled nutrition experts and generally incorporates the following…

Is drinking Silybum (milk-thistle) as silly as it sounds?

The tea alone will NOT improve liver function, (and sadly) nor will is give you flawless skin- that’s as silly as it sounds!