Low fat Vs Full fat

Supermarkets advertise low fat products to dieters implying that “fat makes you fat”. When you take away fat from a food, something tasty has to replace it. That is sugar. Although low calorie and low fat options may seem tempting to the calorie conscious, remember that excess sugar is stored in the body as fat.

If you need to reduce your fat intake, opt for a low fat and a low sugar option. If you are not dieting, don’t be afraid of opting for a full-fat (preferably natural) yogurt and sweeten it with fresh or dried fruit so that you can control the sugar content. Full fat yogurt is more satiating and will curb your hunger for longer than a low-fat sugary yogurt, meaning you stay fuller for longer!

Read more on the yogurt debate here;http://bit.ly/FTFfat

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