Gym talk: The GOMAD diet: Gallon of milk a day- does it work?!

What is the GOMAD diet?This internet phenomenon involves drinking a gallon of whole milk a DAY for 25 days (in addition to your normal meals). The diet promises 25lb weight gain in 25 days. Hard gainers often struggle to get enough calories to meet their needs. Therefore, this diet is promoted as a quick, cheap and easy way of taking in calories. According to many fitness websites, it is “the ultimate solution for skinny guys”.

Strength and body building requires dedication, time, hard work, and adequate nutrition. Men in particular are often keen to add size to their frame. This involves building muscle, which inevitably results in some weight gain.

The nutritional profile of one gallon (4 litres) of whole milk is as follows:
• 2430 kcal
• 128g protein
• 192g carbohydrate
• 128g fat

The diet claims to:
• Increase weight and strength
• Potentially cure lactose intolerance
• Increase testosterone levels and muscle mass (the male hormone involved in building muscle mass)

Drinking milk sounds pretty healthy, right?!

Yes- we agree! Milk is a great source of calcium, and many vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins D, A, B vitamins, calcium and zinc.
It is also very hydrating due to its high water content. Its nutritional profile is hard to beat- it’s a great source of micro and macro nutrients and is a natural food which (unlike many protein supplements) means it is relatively unprocessed.
So, if you like milk- it is certainly a great post workout drink.


Like anything, consuming one particular food in excess is NOT healthy.
-You’ll certainly gain weight on this diet. But gaining such a large amount in such a short space of time is unhealthy, unrealistic and potentially dangerous.
-For the majority, the fat: lean muscle weight gain ratio will be unfavourable
-Most websites advocating the diet are written by individuals with NO nutritional qualifications
-One such website states “don’t believe the myths: saturated fat is good for you”. However, strong research has shown that eating a diet that is high in saturated fat can raise the level of cholesterol in the blood, which increases the risk of heart disease, according to NHS Choices.
-You cannot overcome lactose intolerance by consuming excessive amounts of dairy. This is likely to exacerbate symptoms.
-The diet is associated with TERRIBLE side effects…severe bloating, diarrhoea, flatulence, and acne to name a few. Not to mention to monotony of drinking so much milk!
-There is no strong scientific evidence whatsoever behind the claims that drinking milk alone can substantially increase testosterone levels and muscle mass.

In summary, FTFs recommends that you don’t GOMAD for this diet. Instead, enjoy milk as part of a balanced diet, and by all means incorporate it into your post workout nutrition. Not only is this diet dangerously high in saturated fat, like most things, no single food can lead to instantaneous physical results! In other words, there is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’.

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