Could cold pasta be less ‘fattening’? 

You may be familiar with research 📊 📈 📉 by the leading scientist Dr Denise Robertson (University of Surrey). She found that eating cold pasta could have health benefits such as absorbing fewer calories! 👍🏼

Cooking and then cooling starchy foods such as pasta changes the structure of the starch molecules, and converts it into something known as “resistant starch”. 🍚 🍟 🍝

Resistant starch is resistant to normal enzymes in the small intestine, which are involved in starch digestion and the release of glucose (energy). This means that after eating resistant starch, your body will treat it like fibre and it will pass through to the colon intact.

Some benefits of resistant starch are:
-Smaller rise in blood glucose levels (meaning you’re less likely to get that energy slump after eating!)

Absorb fewer calories
Helps to promote a healthy level of gut bacteria
Keeps you fuller for longer.

Like many scientific studies, more research is needed in humans. However, this is an exciting study that could in the future help dietitians with the dietary advice they give to diabetic and weight loss patients.

The same theory could be applicable to other reheated starchy foods such as potatoes and rice, however more research is required.

Read the study here:

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