Pancakes taste so much better without cacao!

It’s Shrove Tuesday- otherwise known as pancake day!

Social media is being swamped by food bloggers posting “healthy pancake recipes”. These imply that we should feel guilty for indulging in this tradition once a year. We’ve debunked some of the myths behind the ingredients in these ‘healthy’ pancakes below:

– Whether you’re eating honey, agave nectar, coconut sugar, palm sugar etc. These are all sources of sugar and EVERY SINGLE ONE will contain 3.75 calories per gram and will take the same time to burn off during exercise!

– Teff flour, rice flour and other fancy varieties- these are great options if you’re actually GLUTEN FREE. But for the majority of the population who are not, there are absolutely no health benefits from using gluten-free flours and they’re much more expensive.

– A recent paper found that coconut oil has a far worse nutritional profile that more common fat sources such as butter. In fact, butter was found to be 40% saturated fat, whereas coconut oil was a whopping 87%.

– Who needs buckwheat and cacao?! Everything in moderation folks! Eat your pancakes and enjoy them!

If you are going to eat pancakes, go ahead and follow the BBC’s traditional shrove Tuesday recipe (eggs, flour, butter and milk etc.) below:

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  1. Anne Talbot says:

    Buckwheat pancakes are great for making savoury dishes. Gallette I think.

    Anne Talbot



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