The Terrible Teatoxing Truth

The terrible teatoxing truth- A post in conjunction with Doctor Lauretta Ihonor

You may be familiar with a concerning yet popular dieting trend known as ‘teatoxing’.

🍵 Teatox is a detox treatment which claims to aid weight loss, boost immunity and improve your complexion. Amusingly, one company goes as far as stating the Teatox ‘gets rid of bad food, medication and ‘BAD INFLUENCES?!’

🍵 These diet plans recommend you consume their tea (a popular commodity amongst us Brits), alongside a diet and exercise regime (which in itself would probably lead to weight loss). They glam up their teas with some fancy ingredients and catch-phrases such as ‘gluten-free’, ‘natural ingredients’ and ‘superfoods’.

🍵 The main ingredient in the Teatox is Senna Leaf- a natural laxative. According to Doctor Ihonour: “Teatoxes are detox teas that claim to detoxify the body and assist weight loss. BUT most dieters have no idea that the laxative (called senna) in these teatoxes DO NOT cause weight loss BUT can cause extreme dehydration and damage your colon, liver, heart and muscles if taken for longer than 1-2 weeks. Excess consumption can cause death.

In reality, there is not a shred of scientific evidence anywhere that senna is a weight loss/detox substance. It is a laxative designed for treating constipation by irritating the lining of the bowels. Any perceived weight loss is just water weight.”

‼️Teatoxes are the ultimate FAD! But unfortunately, many young women and teens are falling victims. Don’t be fooled by the fresh-faced models that are the brand ambassadors either. Not to mention the beautiful websites, glossy magazine brand promoters, and smooth, sleek packaging of the products.

Many Teatox websites boast that ‘all products are invented and tested by food & nutrition experts’. It turns out that their definition of a ‘nutrition expert’ includes a snowboarding world champion, a beautician, actress, cook and ‘raw food expert’, and (surprise, surprise) a super model! This reiterates the importance of only getting diet and nutrition advise from a qualified and Registered Nutritionist or Dietitian.

Don’t get us wrong, there is strong evidence to suggest health benefits of some ingredients (such as flavonoids) in tea, however there is a lack of evidence suggesting that Teatoxes are safe or effective methods for weight loss.

The best kept detox secret? The liver and kidneys. Despite what Teatox claims, these two organs are all you need!

Teatoxes are unhealthy, unsafe and do not have ANY proven health benefits. Instead, consume a nutrient-dense, and balanced diet. Stay hydrated, (and by all means-if you enjoy it, drink tea), exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Let’s take a stand against dangerous and misleading diet products.
Please sign Doctor Lhonor’s petition here- it’s only several signatures off its 1000 target and takes 30 seconds:…

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