VITL Review-you have NOT ‘reinvented the approach to healthy living’

An advert popped up on our Facebook news stream this week. This advert seemed too good to be true. This advert was claiming that FTFs would “live better with VITL”. Intrigued, FTF clicked on the link, and this is what we uncovered…

-VITL is a company that deliver expensive nutritional supplements straight to your door
-VITL is playing on the idea that busy people can only meet their nutritional requirements by consuming supplements- WRONG!
-It provides daily supplements that claim to “fortify, focus, protect and replenish”
-It also offers a “superfood” powder that claims to nourish your body instantly
-No particular food or nutrient will do any one of these things. BUT the good news is a balanced and healthy diet will!
-If you look at the nutrition breakdown, you will see that the supplement provides over 100% of your recommended daily amount for many nutrients (mainly the water-soluble vitamins). Sounds promising, huh? DON’T BE FOOLED…
-To give you an example, the recommended amount of vitamin C per day is 40mg. VITL provides 100% of your vitamin C. This seems great, until you realise that eating just one orange provides 53mg of vitamin C alone.
-Consuming high amounts of water-soluble vitamins ( i.e Vitamin B and C) will just be excreted in urine
-Some fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K) can be dangerous when consumed in excess amounts as the body stores them


Most people can get what they need from eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Lets be clear here, some people do benefit from supplements. The government even recommends supplementation of some nutrients (like vitamin D) in certain sub groups. BUT, generally speaking, companies/fad diets that provide lists of “essential nutritional supplements” are a waste of time and money. It’s far cheaper to just eat your 5-a-day.

If a medical professional recommends a supplement, always purchase form a reputable source and check the label for dosage. To see if you should consider a supplement, read this:

In summary, FTFs thinks that they will live better WITHOUT VITL in their lives, thank you very much.


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