The Dairy Dilemma

People avoid cow’s milk for a whole host of reasons: be it an allergy, intolerance or personal reason. If you avoid cow’s milk, it’s often hard to know what alternative milks offer the rich abundance of nutrients found in cow’s milk.

🍼Lactose free milk: Good for those with lactose-intolerance: The milk sugar (lactose) is pre-digested by an added enzyme.

🍼Goat’s milk: Still a dairy product (and therefore contains lactose). May be suitable for those with a milk intolerance (but not allergy).

🍼Soya milk: A similar protein content to cow’s milk and low in fat. Often fortified with calcium, vitamin A and D. Good for those avoiding dairy.

🍼Almond milk: A slightly nutty taste, often fortified with calcium, vitamin, E and some B vitamins. Good for those avoiding dairy or watching their weight. Opt for the unsweetened varieties.

🍼Coconut milk: Often fortified with calcium. Has a higher saturated fat content and lower protein content than other plant-based milks

🍼Hemp milk: High in fat, but is a good source of omega 3. Often fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

🍼Oat milk: Low in saturated fat, which is good for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Often fortified with vitamins and calcium.

🍼Rice milk: Low in protein and fortified with calcium. Sweet and thin milk: Good for those avoiding dairy or soya.

Take away message: There are plenty of alternatives to cow’s milk available. Most are fortified with vitamins and minerals, and each has its pros and cons. If you can tolerate cow’s milk, there is no need to avoid it, and you will certainly save money: alterative milk sources are almost double the price!

Image; pixabay

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