Is pasta the enemy Sainsbury’s?!

Is pasta the enemy, Sainsbury’s?

Recently we came across Sainsbury’s new campaign ‘Courgetti – for a fresh take on pasta, try taking out the pasta’ and as Angry Chef put it, it made us want to spiralize our own limbs!

We are very pleased to see large supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s are trying to incorporate into their products packs of spirilised veggies. It’s a good boost for our 5-a-day and also saves some time and money if you don’t own a spiralizer.

However, courgetti or any other spiralized veggie is NOT and does NOT offer an alternative to pasta! There is no reason why you should take pasta out of your diet.

Pasta, rice, bread and other starchy carbohydrates are part of a healthy balanced diet and should account for about 40-50%.

Pasta provides sustained energy, and choosing wholegrain will also boost your fibre intake!

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