Fad Alert- The Grapefruit Diet

You’ve probably heard of this one – versions of it have been around since 1930!

Supporters of the grapefruit diet believe that grapefruit contains a fat burning enzyme that will help burn fat quicker and encourage followers to eat half a grapefruit before every meal. Sounds good.

What does the evidence say?

Randomised control trials (the most reliable type of scientific study) have investigated the effects of eating half a grapefruit before meals on weight loss, cholesterol and blood pressure.

These types of studies included a ‘control group’ who ate an identical diet (totalling 800 calories a day) to the test group who ate an additional half a grapefruit before each meal.


Both groups lost on average the same amount of weight indicating that weight loss is due to the 800 a day meal plan that accompanies the grapefruit diet, rather than a fat burning enzyme. Interestingly, levels of LDL cholesterol in the group who ate grapefruit were significantly lower than the group who didn’t – more evidence is needed to investigate the reason behind this

Image: pixabay

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