Complete Nutrition ‘Student of the Year Award’ shortlisting 2016

Fight the Fads are delighted to have been shortlisted for the 2016 CN Award ‘Student of the Year’. We would like to congratulate our fellow nominees- Ravi Nagar and Rona Antoni, and thank all our followers that voted for us.

Please note that voting is now closed and winners will be announced in the September edition of CN magazine. Complete Nutrition ‘Student of the Year Award’ shortlisting 2016

The 2016 CN Awards* provide the chance for all readers, advertisers and contributors of CN Magazines to come together to recognise the achievements of those whose great work has made a significant difference within the nutrition industry – whether an individual, group or organisation.

For further information on the CN Awards, please call: 01920 444 060.
The CN Awards – Recognising Excellence and Achievement in Clinical, Medical & Health Nutrition
Disclaimer: The annual CN Awards were launch in 2010 by Complete Media & Marketing Ltd. (CM2) – the publishers of Complete Nutrition (CN) Magazines. CM2 do not endorse any particular individual’s, group’s, organisation’s or company’s products, services, resources, views or opinions. For further details on the 2016 CN Awards, visit:

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