Easter special: Are you eating your bunny the right way?!

Are you eating your Easter Bunny the wrong way:

A study recently published in the Larynoscope (2017) has determined how most of us eat our easter chocolate bunny. The study collected data from over 28,000 chocolate bunny eating humans.


This is the first study of its kind to study auricular amputation in chocolate bunnies! Here are the key facts:

– Most of us start (59%) start with the ears
– Alarmingly, 4% start with the feet
– Unsurprisingly, chocolate bunny eating spikes in Spring- this tended to correlate with the Easter holiday
– There are fewer reports of similar confectionary amputations in other seasonal symbols i.e. Santa Claus at Christmas
– Despite the ears and feet being nibbled first, the rest of the chocolate rabbit often succumbs to a similar fate and therefore warrants further research

Happy Easter from FTF and enjoy those chocolate bunnies today (in moderation of course!)

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