FTF embark on clinical placements!

Wondering why we’ve been so quiet?!

Team FTF are on clinical placement in busy London teaching hospitals for the next three months.

We are beginning to apply our clinical knowledge to real life patients in a variety of settings- from oncology to eating disorders to bariatric surgery!

We are working alongside large teams of dietitians, and seeing patients who have dietary issues relating to a clinical disease/illness.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve been involved in this week…

– Visiting patients on the ward to review them
– Prescribing nutritional supplements (special medical drinks which are very high in energy and protein)
– Working out what nutrition to put down a feeding tube (this is when food is given down a tube through the nose into the stomach)
– Working out what nutrition to give a patient who is sedated and needs their nutrition intravenously
– Attending team meetings with different health care professionals (doctors/nurses/surgeons) to discuss the patient’s care
– Writing referral letters and typing up medical notes
– Speaking with relatives
-Helping to run outpatient clinics

Key message: Registered Dietitians are the only health care professionals that can diagnose, treat and prevent nutrition-related diseases in a clinical context

Our first week is coming to an end, and we’ve seen a really exciting mix of clinical cases. It’s been great to work with such a dedicated and enthusiastic team of dietitians We’re looking forward to sharing more about our experiences over the coming months!

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