Should we be going potatoes for Lotatoes? Introducing NZ’s new low carb potatoes!

low cho potatoesJust this month, New Zealand launched a new kind of potato with 40% less carbs and a reduced calorie content than your average spud. A 2kg bag will set you back £3.50- about £1 more than your average 2kg bag of potatoes.

Sounds great!? Is it worth it?

  • Whilst it is true that eating too much of starchy foods like potatoes can lead to weight gain, carbohydrates are an essential source of energy in the diet
  • No food is good or bad. It is all about portion control. As a rule of thumb, a portion of carbs at a meal should be about the size of your fist i.e. a small jacket potato
  • Aim for every meal to be balanced- the Eatwell Guide shows how much of each food group we should aim to eat at every meal

eat well 1

  • Carbs are actually one of the lowest energy dense nutrients- carbs contain 3.75kcal/g whereas fat is 9kcal/g and alcohol is 7kcal/g.
  • Carbs also keep you full for longer- especially if you eat the skin, which is high in fibre
  • It is what you put on your potato that can make it high in fat and calories i.e. if you pile it high with beans, butter and cheese- it will all stack up!
  • Aim for fillings which are lower in saturated fat like three bean chilli, tinned tuna mixed with 1tsp low fat natural yogurt
  • Although people with diabetes are often advised to control their carb intake by limiting portion sizes, people with diabetes are still able to eat carbohydrate foods like potatoes and there is no need to buy lower carb alternatives like these potatoes
  • The risk of buying ‘low carb potatoes’ is that people could end up eating more than a recommended portion or piling it high with unhealthy toppings because they think the potato is healthier

Take-away message:

There is no need to stop eating your regular potato! It’s all about what you put on it, how you cook it, and portion sizes. Lotatoes may sound tempting when it comes to weight loss, however the greatest loss will be from your wallets!



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