Coenzyme Q10- what’s the real deal?!

You asked us: “I’ve been hearing that after the age of 40 people should be supplementing with Co Q10 tablets. Are you aware of any convincing research to suggest that this is the case? Or is this just another phoney fad?”

FTF’s response: Whilst it is true that levels of Co Q10 (an antioxidant produced in the body and present in certain foods) decline as we age, so long as you are healthy, there is no convincing evidence that suggests a need for supplements. There is some limited evidence of use in certain medical conditions, however a GP should be consulted first since the supplements can have adverse effects on certain medications i.e. statins.

There is no recommended daily dietary intake of Co Q10, however rich dietary sources include oily fish (herrings/salmon/fresh tuna etc.), poultry, organ meats, certain oils and nuts (peanuts/canola/soyabean oil), dairy, and certain fruits and veg. In other words- so long as you eat a balanced and varied diet- you should be fine without supplements (and save some £s!)

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