Fad Alert- The Paleo Diet

Made popular by celebrities like Megan Fox, the paleo diet (often referred to as ‘the caveman diet’) was accredited for her dramatic post-pregnancy weight loss. Quick Paleo Diet Summary-our ancestors ate the meat they hunted and the wild plant foods they foraged. In the last 10,000 years the development of agriculture, and more recently the…

🍵Green tea –a health miracle in a teacup or just hype?🍵

You’ve probably heard that green tea can help you lose weight. Its less publicised health claims include an ability to reduce cholesterol, combat cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. But how many of these claims can be backed up by solid scientific evidence⁉️ 💊  Combating cancer💉 There is no evidence drinking green tea protects against…

The Dairy Dilemma

What’s the best alternative to cow’s milk?

The Terrible Teatoxing Truth

A post and petition in conjunction with Dr Lauretta Ihonor

How to eat for shift work

Yes you can eat healthily-even on night shifts!