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Following our post from last week ( we have not received a reply from ELLE UK or seen the article removed from their website. We are petitioning to have the post ’10 vegetables That Actually Aren’t That Good For You’ by Shana Lynch removed from

FTF Reasoning

❎ Misleads consumers

❎ Creates unnecessary fear over food

❎ It doesn’t have any scientific validity

Why should you sign?

✅ To remove an article that may cause other people that read it confusion and fear of food

✅ To stop the mockery of misinformation

✅ To bring into the attention of ELLE UK that when it comes to nutrition articles, evidence – based information is what their readers want – not incorrect information put together following a Google search.

Is it all worth this? Yes!
FTFs strongly believe we need to put a stop the misinformation in the media and addressing every form of misinformation in relation to nutrition is the exact reason why we decided to start Fight the Fads.

SIGN here:

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