ELLE UK removes misleading nutritional advice: Petition Success!

Following our petition against ELLE UK magazine for the removal of the article ‘Ten vegetables that are actually aren’t good for you’, we can confirm that is has since been REMOVED from their website.



Nutrition in the media is often conflicting, misreported and downright confusing. Fight the Fads aims to stop the publication of such information. The only way to correct this is by challenging major influential publications when they get the information wrong, and promoting the importance of evidence-based nutritional advice from the REAL nutrition experts.

As a leading lifestyle magazine, it is really encouraging to see that ELLE UK have acknowledged our petition, listened to the expert opinions mentioned in our article, and kept their reader’s health at heart.

We would like to thank Rosie Saunt, R.D, Dr Lauretta Ihonor, Helen West, R.D , Renee McGregor, R.D and Angry Chef for their expert opinions. In addition, thank you to those of you that signed and shared our petition and helped us to #fightthefads



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  1. grindrod says:

    Nicely done! As a society, we need to raise awareness of irresponsible journalism around wellness culture just like this. Publications and brands nearly always have a financial motive in how they interact with audiences, and it can be very dangerous (and truly unethical).

    This is good – more please!


    1. fightthefads says:

      Thank you Grindrod! Let’s all keep on #fightingthefads !


  2. Paula says:

    Have you had a look at what’s going on over at Women’s Health? Some of their stuff seems okay, but then they go and do stuff like this complete lot of nutribollocks: https://t.co/GPkSanK5oh By my rough calculations, that’s a 3300 calorie cake with a shedload of coconut product in it. But it’s okay, because it’s ‘guilt-free’! Pffft.


    1. fightthefads says:

      Paula thank you for your comment. We agree with you that this is ridiculous. It’s so unfortunate how such wide reach websites posts so faddy and ridiculous articles. Let’s all agree that avoiding sweets all together is not the answer but having them for breakfast everyday is not the answer either. Sadly, often paper outcomes are exaggerated and taken out of perspective…this is why we are #fightingthefads


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